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Simple three screens device on my Android…


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The INCOM is smartphone’s evolution

Every evolution has a beginning, and an end.

Every rational number has a predecessor, and a successor.

We had cellphones, and we now have smartphones.

When you’re trying to define something that is more than a smartphone, how do you call it? Super-smartphone? Extra-mega-ultra? You-name-it…

Well, what are these devices we daily use really “used for”? Yes, you’ve got it right: communicate us with the rest, even with ourselves. Through cells to make a simple call, a SMS, or the internet to send twitts, chats, skype calls, video-conferences, and the rest of the endless possibilities we now have. Just imagine the future…

Well, I started to call each of them an incom: INter COMmunicator. It’s easy, short, and illustrate what it’s used for.

Just that, welcome to the INCOM time.

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Motorola Multimedia Station

It’s not a full-featured “Unboxing”, but I just wanted to share with you my first impressions on the Motorola Dock, the Multimedia Station for the Milestone.

It just charges the phone, while activating the Home Dock event, that you could re-direct to whatever application you want using the DockControl utility.

Here you have the pictures.

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Is Apple going the wrong way?


I like Apple and its products. I really do. I’m not a fan, but I come to understand after so many years in this industry that it has better products and philosophy than Microsoft. And it really has, or “had”. I mean, I still have my iPod, MacBook, but not a phone, and not an iPad from them (their latest and marketed toys).

Lately, their ways are not the same. They still have a loyal customer base, but they are falling in the same mistake than most big companies fall sooner or later: believe that their customer are somehow “tied” to them. Microsoft did that mistake, Palm, Nokia, IBM, you name it.

Customers are driven by innovation, the “wow factor”, and Apple usually gives them both. But you have to tie that to a good product, from its basic functions. If you were on a line, waiting all night for a supposedly wonderful phone, and the minute you pick it, it drop its signal to the point you can’t make a single phone call, while any other device can… What can I say… Stress tests usually provides feedback for these cases. They are even admitting a (huge) error on their formula to calculate “real signal” (see their own statement about this).

Is Apple starting to decline? Is Apple believing that it already has all the customers and good products they need to have? Hopefully they still can drive in the right direction to avoid the destination that its competitors fell, so we can have beautiful products and an excellent example as a Company for the rest to follow.

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History of latest gadgets


My Gadget History

The gadgets I’ve been using on a daily basis for the last 4 years, from left to right:

  • Palm Tx
  • Palm Treo 680
  • Nokia N95
  • Nokia N97
  • Motorola Milestone

These are all the actual devices my pockets carried, united for the last time. The way with them was fun.

June 10, 2010 Posted by | Gadgets, PDAs | 2 Comments

How a device can be fully used

Well, this is just a short list of how I’m using my Motorola Milestone with Android 2.1 right now. See my new section here.

Almost all of the above where performed following many guides by gurus from Grupo Android. Thanks to all of the testers and comments from the users!

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Sync Nokia with Google

Well, it seems so easy at the beginnig, but you need a few steps to achieve it. I found them at Dotsis:

Go to Menu -> settings -> Connectivity -> Data transfer -> Sync -> New sync profile

In the 1st page put any name for the profile
In the 2nd page select “1.2”
In the 3rd page select ONLY Contacts
In the 4rth page type “Contacts” (without the quotes)
In the 5th page select “Internet”
In the 6th page type “” (watch out for the “s” on “https”)
In the 7th page type “Google” (capital ā€˜Gā€™ is important)
In the 8th page put the user name of your account
In the 9th page put the password of your account

Once you are over with the pages it will go you to “sync”
You will press options -> Change active profile -> The name of your profile
It’s ready for you to try it!

Go to your contacts and press Options -> Synchronization -> Start
It is ready!!!!!!!!!!!

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That’s right, I’m testing this great new universe from a Motorola Milestone, actually since last december.

It’s goodbye to Nokia and their old Palm-like soft. It’s time for the Droid. Never using a cable again (unless it’s a manual firmware upgrade). Let’s see what that future looks like. I’m already liking it.

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Google Buzz

Google Buzz
If you live in this world, and want to be on the top of the Social Media Technology, you’ll better read the following Lifehacker’s post on Google’s latest addition to their greatest set of tools: Google Buzz.

Read it here.

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Nokia N97, the next device

What can I say about it that it was not already said? I will pre-order it soon!

The first official site at Nokia Europe.

Device details also at Nokia Forums.

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